Outreach Delivery

Outreach Services is the traveling branch of the Belmont County District Library.  This service is available for elderly and disabled library patrons who can no longer leave home to check out books and library materials. If you remember the Bookmobile, you know that we used to deliver books at bookmobile stops all over Belmont County.  Now, we have a staff member delivering library materials to your front door.

Please call the Martins Ferry Public Library and ask to speak with someone about home delivery or outreach services.  We will be happy to talk with you about this service and answer your questions.  Some frequently asked questions are below:

  • How often will I receive deliveries of library material? Home deliveries are made once a month. We have routes in the following areas:

Martins Ferry/Bridgeport - items delivered on the 2nd Wednesday of each month
Shadyside - items delivered on the 3rd Wednesday of each month
Colerain- items delivered on the 4th Wednesday of each month

  • How do I sign up for a library card?
    • If you are interested in the outreach service, please call the library and speak with the Outreach Coordinator. It will have to be determined if you live in an approved delivery area. If your location is approved, the staff person will visit you at home to set up your account and determine your reading preferences.

  • How do I request items that I want delivered?
    • Call the library and tell the delivery person which books or items you would like to receive.
    • Give the delivery person a list for the following month.
    • Email your requests to the Outreach Coordinator at nkrasko@bcdlibrary.org
    • You may provide preferred authors or a particular genre and allow the staff person to chose books based on your preferences.
  • Can you recommend any websites for discovering new books or books that I might want to read?
  • Will I have to pay fines for overdue material?
    • Outreach patrons are not charged overdue fines for library materials.  However, if an item is damaged or not returned, you are responsible for the cost of replacing the item.

  • Do you deliver in the wintertime if the roads are bad?
    • If road conditions are not safe for driving items will not be delivered. The Outreach Coordinator will attempt to contact you by phone.

  • Can I return my items to the library?
    • Yes, items can be returned to the library, however, we strongly encourage you to wait for the Outreach Coordinator to pick up your items.



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