Obituary Request

The Belmont County District Library will provide a copy of an obituary, or a related article, from our microfilmed copies of LOCAL NEWSPAPERS. The newspapers are not indexed; therefore it is important that you provide an exact date of death. You are welcome to come to the library and do the research yourself. Photocopies cost .20 per page.

If you do not know the exact date of death, try searching your local library's genealogy databases or try the Social Security Death Index or the Ohio Death Certificate Index. We also input obituary data in the RB Hayes Obituary Index.

The charge for this service is $3.00 per obituary.  You will be contacted by email 1-2 business days after sending your request. You will be asked to send payment before the obituary research begins. If no obituaries are found, you are still charged the research fee. If you do not know the exact date of death, we will do our best to search various databases to determine the date of death.  We have to narrow down the date of death to at least the month of death.

The library also has an Obituary File for research use in the library. This file was created by town historian, Annie Tanks who passed away May 12, 2004. The Obituary File contains obituaries from approximately 1980 to the present. All local obituaries are cut out of the newspaper, filed and data entered into the RB Hayes Obituary Index.


Reference Librarian

Provide the name and date of death of the deceased. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on payment, etc.

By phone (if you have 1 or 2 requests) call the Reference Librarian at 740-633-0314 and give all the pertinent information for your search.

By mail send obituary requests to:

Belmont County District Library
Attention: Reference
20 S. 5th St
Martins Ferry, OH 43935

Local Newspaper Microfilm Coverage:

Belmont County Childrens Home Register 1880 - 1947; vol. 1-2

Martins Ferry Evening Times

August 3, 1891 – December 26, 1892

Bellaire Herald January 13, 1898 - January 5, 1899


January 1893 – May 18, 1913

Bellaire Daily Leader

May 19, 1913 – September 30, 1913


October 1913 – December 1913

Bellaire Daily Leader January - June 1914

Bellaire Daily Independent & Bellaire Daily Leader

March 10, 1914 – September 30, 1920


October 1920 – July 23, 1924

Flushing News

July 24, 1924 – Dec. 9, 1926

Martins Ferry Daily Times

January 4, 1926 – April 1926 (May 1926 missing)

Martins Ferry Daily Times

June 1926 – December 1926

Bellaire Daily Leader January - December 1927

Flushing News

January 6, 1927 – May 30, 1929

Martins Ferry Daily Times

June 1927 – October 31,1927

Bellaire Daily Leader January - December 1928

Martins Ferry Daily Times

August 1928 – October 1928

Martins Ferry Daily Times

January 1929 – April 1930

Flushing News

June 5, 1929 - Oct. 1, 1930

NO MICROFILM May 1930; July 1930

Martins Ferry Daily Times

June 1930 – February 1932 (NO JULY 1930)


March 1932

Martins Ferry Daily Times

April 1932 – November 1937


December 1937

Martins Ferry Daily Times

January 1938 – December 1945

Martins Ferry Times Leader

January 1946 – Current

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