Spring at the Library!

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Storytime and Toddler Tales will continue until April 30th

Spring at the Library! 

Storytime and Toddler Tales will continue until April 30th at the Belmont County District Library and its branches.

Toddler Tales, intended for children 6-24 months and caregivers to develop the skills of listening and interactive play, is offered on Mondays at the Shadyside Library at 10am, Bethesda Library at 11am, and at the Powhatan Point Library at 2pm. Wednesdays, the program will be held at the Victoria Read Library in Flushing at 11am and Thursdays, the program will be held at the Martins Ferry Library at 10am and noon.  

Storytime, aimed at children 2 years and older to introduce classroom style learning, is offered on Mondays at the Powhatan Point Library and Victoria Read Library at 11am and the Shadyside Library at 5pm. Tuesdays, Storytime will be held at the Shadyside Library at 11am and at the Martins Ferry and Bridgeport Libraries at 1pm. Fridays the Bethesda Library has Storytime at 11am. An additional Storytime will be held on Wednesdays at 11am at the Martins Ferry Library and on Thursdays at 4pm at the Powhatan Point Library. Please check with your local branch for more information and ask about our other upcoming programs and events. 


Saturday April 29th James Wright Festival at the Martins Ferry Library


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