Support the Library

There are many ways you can support the Belmont County District Library.

  • Get a Library Card! They are free for Ohio residents and $5.00 a year for out of state residents.
  • Donate to the Belmont County District Library: Your gift to the Belmont County District Library will help bring enjoyment and knowledge to the community.

  • Donate books, CDs, DVDs that we might add to our collection or put it in our book sale.
  • Donate old paper products such as newspapers, magazines and books for recycling. We get paid by the ton for recycling paper products.
  • Participate in the Memorial and Honor Program to honor or remember a loved one. 
  • Tell other people about the great services and resources at YOUR Library!

Library Funding

The Belmont County District Library receives most of it's funding from the Public Library Fund (PLF)  from the State of Ohio. Effective in July 2015, funding for the Public Library Fund has been increased to 1.7% of the General Revenue Fund. The Library receives 43% of the PLF allocated to Belmont County. Other sources of income include Library fines and fees, donations and patron services such as copier services, faxing, obituary requests and laminating. The library also sells minor supplies to patrons. (Ex.headphones, earbuds and flash drives). 

The Belmont County District Library ran a successful one-mill levy in November 2013.The main library opened February 2014 with restored hours. On March 1, 2014, the branches restored hours. More materials were purchased for all locations, and a new color copier was installed at each location.

State Funding History of Ohio's Public Libraries


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